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Just in Case: Survival Supplies

Have you ever been lost or been stranded in a broken down car? Maybe you are the type of person that loves outdoors activities such as, hiking or mountain climbing. These are the situations in which you might need emergency survival supplies.

These situations don’t seem to be a big deal but what happens when you don’t have any cell phone service? You may not know how long you are going to be stranded. After a couple days, you, as a human being will be thirsty, hungry and in search of help. This is why emergency survival supplies are vital to keep with you while traveling or spending time outdoors. There are a variety of survival kits that are appropriate for different situations. Car emergency kits, trauma kits, survival and first aid kits are products you can purchase online or at a local outdoors store. Other products such as, freeze dried food, water filters, solar generators, lanterns and much more are also items that you can add to any kit.

What do These Emergency Kits Consist of?

Survival SupplyCar Emergency Kit: All car emergency kits are different but you can most likely expect the same types of products such as safety triangles, flashlights, fire extinguisher, water packs, gloves, and so on.

Trauma Kits: You can purchase trauma kits based on how many supplies each kit has. Gauze pads, scissors, alcohol wipes, bandages, and burn cream are some of the products that come in just about any trauma kit.

First aid kit: A first aid kit is much like a trauma kit, however they are likely to be much smaller and compact. Bandages, Gauze pads, burn cream, Aspirin, and products used for insect bites are common items you can find in a first aid kit.

Survival Kit: Any basic survival kit will have a combination of items that are based on 24, 48, and 72 hours.

Why Keep a Survival Kit With You?

Most people never expect an emergency situation. Keeping a survival kit with you at all times will ensure that you will always be prepared for anything. Your likeliness of making it through a survival situation or emergency will increase if you keep kits in your car, on your person, or around the house. Having your cell phone, searching for directions before leaving, and purchasing generators are ideas to keep in mind to make any emergency situation a little easier. Some supplies can be very expensive at the time but it will be worth it when you need them most!





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