Survival Food Supplies

You Need Survival Food Supplies when disaster strikes

There are many situations that one will need
survival foods. Normally, everyone should have these foods in instances of
emergencies. Which type of foods are suitable for survival situations? Survival
food supplies ought to be foods that can store for quite a long time. Regardless
of the range of techniques for storing food, you will not be wrong having food
with longer shelf life.


survival food suppliesOne should not miss out powdered milk in his/her survival food package. This
supply comes handy in replacing ordinary milk that can easily go bad. Powdered milk
is ideal for preparing hot drinks such as tea and also white coffee.


Salt is a “must be” supply to store. Not only does it enhances the taste of
the food but also very cheap. It can also be handy when meat preservation is
needed. There is no reason for missing out reasonable supply of salt when going
for long food storage periods.


Another important survival food supply is the wheat. Wheat take years to
expire. Furthermore, there are arrays of uses that wheat can meet. One basic
technique of using wheat is by sprouting it to be used as a green.


Honey is another must have survival supply. This supply can stay for years. Honey
will sweeten up any bland taste of a wide range of beverages and food. Its
medicinal value is another aspect to consider.


Peanut butter is among the essential food supply. It is a big source of
protein, and is a supply that stores well. Peanut butter is the perfect
supplement for meat, since meat can go bad easily.


In the events of disasters, survival supplies will save a great deal. Today,
there are survival food supply kits that are available in the market. These kits
have been customized to provide canned foods of all kinds. Canned food have a
longer shelf life. In a nutshell, survival foods should have the
ability to store for a very long time.

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