Wilderness Survival Shelters

Learning how to make a wilderness survival shelters is a vital skill for lovers of outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and camping. A good shelter is as important as food and water. It will protect you from predators, harsh weather conditions and provide a place to rest. It is essential to consider the following factors when making a shelter.

Things to consider when building a Wilderness Shelter

Wilderness Survival SheltersSize

Consider making a small shelter in order to save on time, energy and materials. If a shelter is too big, it will be too cold because of the extra space inside. A shelter should just be big enough to accommodate your body in order to conserve body heat.


The best ground to build a shelter is on a dry and flat surface to enable you sleep comfortably. Also choose a ground that is close to the building materials and source of firewood. Avoid higher grounds because they tend to be cold and areas near water bodies as they are infested with insects.


One of the main reasons for constructing a shelter is to keep warm. You can rely on body heat or light fire in the shelter. If you are planning to light fire in the shelter, make sure the shelter is big enough to avoid suffocation and outbreak of fire. Collect enough firewood before it becomes dark and make sure the fire is tended throughout the night.


Ensure that the shelter is strong enough to withstand strong rain and winds. In the case that you are going to be in the same place for couple a days, ensure that the shelter is stable enough to last the number of days that you are going to be there. Choose strong tree branches that can support body weight.
Apart from enhancing your chances of survival, making shelters is also fun and exciting. One gets a great sense of accomplishment from living in your own creation.