Underground Survival Shelters

Underground survival shelters are built to prepare one for disasters both human and natural like bomb attacks or hurricanes. They are usually built underground and made from strong materials mostly corrugated pipes that can withstand extreme pressure. They are buried at least six feet under to keep temperatures cool. The shelters are also reinforced with concrete.

When choosing where to site your shelter, it is important to ensure the place is well drained, has access to water, electricity and has adequate ventilation. The cost of building it should be within a budget you can afford and there are different designs to cater for this. You can either build your own by buying the required materials or you can engage the services of a company that deals exclusively with such shelters.

Building Your Own Shelter

Underground Survival SheltersIf you opt to do it yourself, you can follow these simple tips.

-find a good location preferably a sloping ground that way above sea level

-procure the materials needed for your particular design (dome-shaped and round structure are stronger than squares ones)

-measure and excavate the ground

-start the construction strictly following the plan you had obtained

-stock the shelter with supplies.

What to Put in the Shelter

After your shelter is ready for use, proceed to stock it with the following:

-water enough to last for at least two weeks

-food that is adequate to feed every one using the shelter for a fortnight (remember to include a can opener for tinned food)

-equipment to fight fire

-flashlights (both rechargeable and battery operated)

-radios (either battery or hand crank powered)

-medical kit

-adequate clothes

-wood and

-matches in water-proof boxes.

In conclusion, it is always advisable to purchase a shelter from reputable companies rather than building it yourself. This is because you may not have the expertise needed to construct a strong one that would guarantee you safety.