How to Build an Underground Bunker

Whether you just want to make an area where you can hide from the normal hassles and stresses of life from time to time or you just want to be safe when disaster strikes, building an underground bunker may not be an easy venture. It is however not impossible to achieve and many have been able to do so. But how do you go about this?

What do you need to build an Underground Bunker?

How to Build an Underground BunkerThe very first thing you need to do is to get the necessary permits from the government. Though these differ depending on your geographical location, it is best to consult the local government and find out what the requirements are lest you build your bunker only to have it destroyed in the future and/or being fined. Once you have the necessary permissions only then can you go ahead with the construction.

Decide on the location and size of the bunker. An ideal location should be clear from trees and about 6feet by 8feet or larger depending on the size you prefer. Remember however that the larger the area the more work needs to be done. Having designated the area, it is time to start digging. You can decide to do it yourself using shovels and other tools or hire professionals to help you dig a hole as long as you would want your bunker to be. On top of the hole, place braces which will act to support the roof. The roof needs to be at ground level and though it can be made of any material of choice, it needs to be covered with soil and grass so it blends in with the ground. Remember to leave space for the door.

The door can be of any material but a trap door is best so it is able to keep animals and weather away. The inside of the hole needs to be lined with cinder blocks to act as walls and the bunker is complete and ready for use. Install filters for proper ventilation as well as connecting electric circuits for lighting. You can now stock up on all sorts of foods and drinks.