Safe Room Construction

Find out the most sought after information on safe room construction!

Nowadays, safe room construction in most families has become popular. This is due to the fact that such rooms give families a quick protection option when they are faced by danger or emergency of any kind.The major role played by safe room is offering a hide bay for families when they are attacked by intruders, protecting the family members from harsh weather conditions such as floods and tornadoes etc.

Depending on the purpose the room is to serve, it can be constructed underground, outdoors as well as within the main house. From the major role these rooms play, it’s no doubt that one should have the best available knowledge and construction tricks when making one. Where do you seek this knowledge and tricks? It’s simply right below here. Read on…

Safe Room ConstructionSafe room for deterring intruders  

Here, you need to get a location where you can dive into as quickly as possible. This location should therefore be within your house. An additional trick when constructing this type of room is making use of a fake door which makes it impossible for burglars to virtually locate it.

Safe room for severe weather condition

As you know how floods and tornadoes occur, you ought to know that you are constructing a storm shelter and it should therefore be located outdoors or at the rooftop and NOT at the basement in order to enjoy maximum protection.

Entrance of the safe room

Now that you have constricted your room, the next step is to create an entrance through which you’ll be accessing it. To do this you should construct a very strong door that’s impossible to break. This can be made using steel or massive wood and it should also be designed to open outwards. Windows should NEVER be part of a safe room as they might become a secondary option for the intruders to get to you!

I have constructed the safe room, what else?

After you have laid down the small building, there are some things you should consider so that you can make it completely safe for you and your family these are:- -Cell phones- the room should have a working cell phone that enables you to communicate with the outside world and call for help when you have been attacked. -First aid kit- during the escape process one of you may have been injured. The kit is going to be of good service to him/her. -Ventilation- a well structured ventilation system is necessary as you don’t know how long you’ll be locked up in the room. -Self-defense weapons- this option is always recommended as you never know when the invaders will find a weak point to access your safety room and start attacking.

Remember that burglars aren’t movie actors neither are floods and tornadoes friendly. Thus, the best way to keep your family safe from all disasters is to build them a safe room which they should all know its location and how to access it.