How to build a survival shelter

A survivor is much more than what we see on the TV fantasies. A survivor is precisely someone prepared to live. Someone who is willing to do what it takes to stay as healthy as possible, especially when living far from home does not go just as planned.

For you to survive in the “outdoors” you have to know how to be prepared for it. You can survive for days without taking food or water.

Most people die out there because of the cold, keeping your body warm while in the wilderness could help you a lot.

Here is how to build a survival shelter while away from the normal life settings

How to build a survival shelterBuild the frame

It is imperative in cold weather to get off the ground, and this can optionally be done with a bed of boughs, limbs, leaves or by creating a space between you and the ground.

The frame work design should at least be 12 inch off the ground in order to prevent cold earth from sucking heat from your body.

The frame is a cabin-style box of logs. Let the inside cavity be longer and wider than your body. Use a jam-knot to secure the corners.

Build the bed

Your body should comprise of a number of petite saplings laid across the beams, cut the saplings about 1 inch diameter. You want them to have a lot of springs and be flexible too.

Once you put the saplings in place, create a springy mattress. Do this by collecting a pile of green pine boughs. This is amazingly comfy. Arrange the boughs in herringbone pattern.

The dome framework

It’s important to create a roof over your head. Building a roof will only take you not more than 20 minutes. Cut at least ten saplings that are eight feet long*one inch diameter, at the base.

They need to be thin, long and flexible. You can either stuck the sapling at the edge of the ground frame or just wedge in the framework.

Space them equally, all the way round. Finally, woven the saplings under and over the arches.

You are good to go!