Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter: Must Have for the Family

Many fallout shelters that were built before are only for nation’s high military or political officials. Those were built in order to protect them and their families from enemy’s attacks more especially bomb attacks. During the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan; some of the survivors were said to have survived the attack because they were inside the underground part of their homes and that has saved them from the big blast that have killed so many humans.

Fallout ShelterToday, though we are not on the verge of war there is still a need for us to build our own fallout room. It is not basically for bomb protection, but this shelter can also protect us from hazards brought about by radiations, natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, hurricane and other calamities which may be man-made or not. Providing enough space to build this area in your house should be included in house floor plan.

Why every family should build their own

An ideal fallout shelter must withstand a blast from a 12 megaton explosion at a distance of 700 metres. It must contain facilities for a comfortable stay while you are inside such as enough supplies to last until it is all ready to come out in the open. A potable water, emergency kits, canned goods, flashlight and matchsticks or lighter is really a must. There should be a bathroom and a toilet for hygienic purposes.

Though most shelters are built underground, it can also be made in the middle of a building with so many floors. Its doors and hatches must be strong enough to not easily be penetrated by chemical agents, radiation, and biological toxins and flooding. It must be well-shielded and withstand high pressure. There should be additional door for emergency exit too just in case unexpected event happens. The space should be well enough for the whole family to move comfortably.

Fallout SheltersIt is necessary also that your fallout shelter must be well ventilated, meaning there is enough light and air. Staying inside for a long period of time might cause the temperature to warm and might not be conducive to your health instead might do you more harm. An effective built-in fan must be situated inside the room. Tools such as axe, hammer, knives must be kept inside. It is necessary to open the door or hatches just in case ruins have fallen over it. You should also pack boxes of candles, batteries, flashlights and a radio transistor.

Nothing beats being prepared

We should be ready for the unexpected events that might happen especially now that the world is really changing. Climate change is one thing while nation’s relationship with each other is also unpredictable as one might rise to gain political power. We as citizens are the first to think of our own safety and that of those we cared for. We should not leave our survival to fate or to chances. We have the capabilities to withstand casualties by means of preparing for our own protection and safety.

Video of a Fallout Shelter. Check it out!