The bomb shelter

A safe haven in times of bomb scare

The bombs shelter now a frequently used structure in many household across the globe. In the wake of bomb scares and the sort having a place of refuge is something welcoming, a serene place compared to the harsh outside world where everything is falling apart. Having it around now is never quite being over cautious, after all cases of fall outs between two nations and the increases in militant extremist make it a necessity. A necessity that saves lives and shields one of trauma caused by bombs.

The bomb shelterKinds of bomb shelters

Many people believe that there is only one kind of bomb shelter, however so far they are three. That is the air raid shelter, fall- out shelter and the bunker. Seems the bunker is quite known due to military use. Nonetheless members of public are assured of some sort of safety from the effects and aftershocks of bombs flying around causing mayhem. Air raid shelters protect from the onslaught of air strikes from planes, jets and helicopters. On the other hand fall- out shelters are an advanced system protecting from nuclear strikes.

So what makes them so special?

Their structural engineering is superb. To say the least they have been designed and walls have been reinforced to give it the strength it needs to withstand bomb attacks. This engineering is unique in that the individuals are protected from the shock waves and over pressure of a nuclear attack. Individual have a part to play in all this, after all to get in the shelter one has to be on the alert everyday every minute. When the sirens go off its time to go in the shelter, every man, woman child after all with cases fledgling up and advancement in technology with few agreements the need of it just increase, meaning death or life for someone.