bomb shelter plans

It use to be that as long as your home was not near the White House or the Pentagon, then you could feel relatively safe. Those days are gone, and no matter where you live you have to be vigilant against any types of threats foreign or domestic. If the news has shown us anything it is that bad things can happen anywhere and the only thing you can do is be prepared. This preparation goes beyond just a place to go, but also a plan on where to go and what to do.


bomb shelter plansIn preparing for an emergency you need to have a place to go. Generally people think they will go into their basement and wait it out with the more prepared people having a case of water and a bin of food that will last a few days. These preparations are minimal at best and probably not very useful in an actual emergency. They are enough to get through a snow storm but not an actual emergency. You need to have a proper bomb shelter and the better the shelter the better your chance of getting through the emergency. While the shelter is important, just as important is having a plan to using the shelter.

Plan and Practice

So you have invested in a bomb shelter but how are you going to use it in an actual emergency? Having a plan on getting to the shelter and sharing the bomb shelter plans with all of the people that will enter the shelter is the key to saving everyone in an emergency. Depending on the threat many forms of communication may be unavailable, so having alternative means is essential. Along with a plan to get everyone together, you need to practice your plan so everyone has it memorized.
By having a properly stocked shelter and a plan for how to use it, your chances of getting through an emergency are greatly increased.