Wilderness Survival Kits

Before You Start Your Adventure: Wilderness Survival Kits

you are an expert outdoors man or a greenhorn, wilderness survival
kits can save your life in case of unforeseen calamities. Most
people go hunting, hiking and camping outdoors while grossly underestimating the danger that lurks in the wilderness. Sure you
want to enjoy the solitude, catch the occasional glimpse of some
elusive wild animal and experience the thrill of outdoor life. This however, should not come at the expense of your life
and in all cases, you should always carry a survival kit with you. A sudden storm, injury or wrong turn deep into the woods could turn nasty necessitating the need for a survival kit. This means that you get to spend a
little more time in the wilderness by yourself and if this is the case, a kit
comes in handy.

wilderness survival kitsWhat Items to Put In Your Kit

A good kit should be compact and light weight able to
hold all the essential items without weighing you down. Though
different outdoor activities call for different tailored items on the
survival list, always ensure that items that can combat dehydration
and injury, the quickest killers in the wilderness, are a
priority. Foremost on the list is survival food, water purifiers and
a first aid kit. Survival food should consist of high energy food
such as energy bars. On the other hand, water purifiers are a great
way to treat water that could give you a
serious disease or diarrhoea making your already difficult
situation worse.

Your first aid kit should be compact yet high
quality to enable you to effectively deal with some pretty
serious injuries. More items that should be in your kit
are lighters or waterproof matches, a flashlight or LED torch and
shelter in the form of a waterproof poncho or blanket. Choosing a
silvery reflective material for your poncho or blanket, is a great
way to make it multi-purpose for use to signal for rescue. A whistle,
signal mirror, compass, map, knife and insect repellent are other
items that should make your list.

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