The Best Survival Kits

The Best Survival Kits; survival is no longer for the fittest

A survival kit is
a combination of tools and other items that are needed in a situation whereby
one finds themselves outdoors alone. This kit helps you stay alive until help
arrives or until the situation improves. Some of the things that can be found
inside a kit are knives, water purification tablets, fire starters, flashlights
or even a wire. Survival kits come in several types for instance long term and
short term or homemade and store purchased kits.

Best Survival KitsTiers

Most people have
three tier kits. This means that they have one in their car, another at home
and one that they always carry with them wherever they go. The kit that you
carry with you all the time should contain a folding knife just in case you
need to cut off some things. The next thing that you should have is a fire
starter or lighter to enable you start a fire to keep warm, scare wild animals
or signal rescue workers.

Food and direction

You will
definitely need to know which direction you are taking and in this case you
should have a compass the size of a coin. You also need cordage for fishing or hunting
just in case you need food supply.


Survival means
staying alive and when the worst scenario occurs you will have to protect
yourself. Because of that the best
survival kits have some sort of protection device. This most of the times
could be a pistol but you have to ensure that you have a licence for it.

It is also good
to have lock picks in case you are locked out of your house or you could be
held captive and might just get a chance to free yourself.

The best survival kits ensure that you have
what you need when you need it till help comes along the way.

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