Zombie Survival Pack

Zombie Survival Pack List

The truth is, we don’t really believe that deceased humans will someday get up from their graves and start roaming the earth. However, what we do believe is that if you cancel the scary word ”Zombie” out of Zombie preparedness, you are just left with preparedness!

You see, over the years, we’ve seen disasters, right from earthquakes in Japan, all the way to the recent hurricanes that have been sweeping across some states in America. Sometimes it takes blind luck to emerge a survivor. But again, what you do after such incidences is what makes you a survivor. In short, we’re preaching the good message of preparedness. So we want you to learn about your ultimate zombie survival pack and how it can rescue you.

The following are tools that will be necessary if you were to survive the zombie apocalypse:

Zombie Survival PackFirs Aid Kit
If you are to increase your chances of survival in this apocalypse, then you are to have a complete first aid kit near you. But again, we don’t expect you to benefit from a first aid kit if you don’t know how to use it. That’s the reason why you should take classes from the American Red Cross website.

The Right Clothing
There’s a vast array of clothing you’re going to need in this apocalypse period. You’ll need a hat, t-shirts, trousers, gloves, jackets, a pair of socks, hiking boots and so forth.

Perhaps you’re wondering why a hat would be necessary in this situation. Well, think about how you’ll be on the run most of the time, and also how the scotching sun, and the fierce winds will be blocking your face with your long hair. A hat might just help you keep things intact, and also protect you from the hot sun.

Of course you know about how good clothing is necessary in this situation. A jacket will keep you warm, and a pair of gloves will ensure that your hands are not messed up when slashing the heads of zombies coming your way. Furthermore, a good pair of socks will enhance comfort when moving on boots.

Utensils would be handy while on the move. A knife might serve other purposes other than saving you from the creatures. A duct tape would be good where small repairs are concerned. And of course you’d need a sleeping bag, a small portable spotlight and a watch/compass to keep track of time and direction.

We can never guarantee survival of the human species. But most certainly, we can increase our chances for survival in most situations. The above items should serve as a quick checklist of what you ought to have. Good luck!

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