Survival Packs

Who needs Survival Packs

One way that will help prepare you and your family from all these dangers that face us everyday
is by owning a survival kit or pack. A survival pack is comprised of supplies
that will help prepare your home, workplace, person or vehicle from man-made or
natural disasters.

Survival packs typically include emergency water, emergency
food, emergency lighting, shelter supplies and emergency sanitation, emergency
first aid supplies and other essential emergency and survival supplies needed
to survive in the initial stages of a dangerous situation. Most of them are
standardized to offer a general array of the essential supplies for various

Survival PacksHowever, there are some kits which are more specialized i.e. they
are designed for specific disasters only. You can find custom made kits that
are designed specifically for hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, earthquake, bird
flu, terror attack, and gas or chemical attack disasters only.

Most of these packs whether standard or customized have a
shelf life of three to five years. Whenever you purchase one of these kits, you
should check the suggestions that the manufacturer has given concerning the
storage and the ration life of the kit.

You should also check whether there are
some items in the kit that will require batteries and anything else that you
may need. Always make sure that your kit is up to date and it is also ready at
any moment’s notice.

These packs can mean the difference between life and death
and being prepared for a disaster should be kept as your responsibility.

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