Survival Package

Why you should have a Survival Package

Just in case disaster strikes unexpectedly, everyone ought to
have a survival package. Especially for people living in areas where natural
disasters strike often, survival kits are simply a basic need. Such a kit
contains emergency supplies that you may need in the event of an unforeseen
disaster; be it an earthquake, flood or even a storm. In most such incidents,
everyone has to take care of themselves for a given period of time as help will
probably not arrive fast enough. Even if it does, relief workers may need time
to finally get to you.

Survival PackageSurvival kits normally have enough food supplies and clean
water to last a person at least three days. Other equipment will be included in your
emergency kit depending on what type of disaster it is meant to prepare you for. Survival packs basically contain food, water, a whistle or any
tool to signal for help, a flashlight with extra batteries and a first aid kit. They also contain materials and equipment for emergency shelter

Aircraft’s, space crafts and lifeboats usually have special
emergency packages kept for the long term. Companies that sell emergency
packages have even made the kits more specific for different groups and
settings. Besides an individual package, you can also have a home emergency
kit, school emergency kit and even car emergency kit. Depending on the location
and specific probable disaster, you can have even more specialized packages.

Home and school kits will simply be an exaggerated
individual package. For example, food and water are in larger quantities as the supply is meant for a larger group
of people. In addition, the kit will cover other possible problems such as loss
of electricity. You won’t necessarily need to have a whole solar panel. A
simple rechargeable battery will do. A solar charger should be enough to keep
your phones powered.

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