Survival Kits List

Definitive Survival Kits List

In the event of an emergency, you and your family will need a necessary plan for survival. The following survival kits list will give you some insight regarding what items are essential for survival.

Emergency Supply List

Food, water and clean air is crucial to have in case of an emergency. Each family member’s kit will need to be personalized to meet specific needs, such as baby formulas, medications and hygiene products.

One gallon of water per person, per day.
A three day supply of non-perishable food for each person.
A battery powered radio along with a NOAA Weather Radio. Extra batteries.
Flashlights with plenty of batteries.
First aid kits.
Whistles for help signals.
Moist towel wipes, garbage bags and plastic ties for sanitation.
Cotton t-shirt or dust mask to filter potentially hazardous air.
Duct tape and plastic sheeting for various needs.
Set of tools for different needs.
Can opener for non-perishable food.

survival kits listClothing and Bedding

If you reside in a colder climate, then you need to think about staying warm. In the event of an emergency, the power could go out and you will lose heat fast. Take clothing and bedding into consideration when creating a survival kit. Provide one complete change of thick clothing and shoes for each person, such as:

Long sleeve t-shirts.
Long pants.
Hats and gloves.
Sleeping bags and warm blankets.
Durable shoes.

Below are some other necessary items for you and your family to consider adding to the survival kit. Take note that some of these items are potentially hazardous.

Rain clothing and gear.
Cash and traveler’s checks along with change.
Paper towels.
Paper cups, plates and utensils.
Fire extinguisher.
Matches contained in a waterproof box.
Paper and pencils.
Personal hygiene products and items.
Disinfectant materials.
Signal flares.
Household bleach with chlorine- This can be a great disinfectant, and can also be used to treat dirty water. Use only 16 drops of household bleach for every gallon of water. Do not use bleach with cleaners, color safe or added scents.
Medicine droppers.
Family documents, such as insurance policies, identification and birth certificates.

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