Survival guides

Survival guides are often meant to prepare people for the apocalypse. Not as a book containing Bible lessons or simple steps to heaven, but a guide to help you make it through the apocalypse whenever it strikes.

Nobody really knows how the apocalypse will happen; whether the earth will collide with another planet, a flood or maybe even the sun will go off. For this reason, such are often written from a general perspective; without assuming that the apocalypse will happen through a single natural disaster. It is therefore important to own a survival guide as it will keep you prepared for the worst natural disaster, and probably even the apocalypse.

Survival guidesThere are a number of guides available in the market. Since they are meant to help you make it through very harsh conditions and environments, they are often sold as hard copy books. Electricity and technology would probably be interfered with in the event of certain disasters. If you download a survival guide, be sure to print it out.

One popular guide is the National Geographic Complete Survival Manual. This book covers real life survival expeditions by ten National Geographic explorers, scientists and photographers. It was compiled through joint effort by National Geographic, American Red Cross and scouts association. This book covers six of the world’s most challenging environments and eight of the most common natural disasters. One chapter is focused on home-based survival tips.

Another older guide, written over 70 years ago, is the Woodcraft and Indian Lore. Earnest Seton, the author of the book, compiled the book to teach Americans back then how they could survive outdoors with little or no access to technology. Although old, it is still very relevant. Obtaining food, water, warmth and shelter is what is covered in his guide. You will also learn how to treat simple ailments naturally.

Other useful guides include The US Army Survival Guide which is specifically meant for soldiers. The Survival Handbook is another well-written book that guides you step-by-step in simple language.
With these books, you should be able to survive almost any situation and natural condition.