Military Survival Kits


What survival kits does the best military in the world use

Today many people might think to themselves, a
military soldiers can survive in any environment, any situation, and be able to
make use out of any item found. From an
old rotted door to a piece of plastic. We expect them to be able to get out of
any situation using anything that’s around to get it done. Any outdoorsman can tell you, it’s about what
you got and what you can do with it that really matters. So it’s no wonder that
the military issues Solkoa survival kits to its elite special units. When they
say to be prepared for any instance, they were not messing around.

Military Survival KitsSo what can you expect in a standard survival kit:
well everything you might expect you might need to survive in the wilderness,
duh! All jokes aside military grade survival
kits come packed with tons of well thought out survival gear all jammed pack
into, normally one of two container style kits. First kit style is a bag type.
The second is mostly a water container style.

Most kits are often small and compacted but don’t let its small size
fool you. These containers often look like your favorite breath mint tins but
come packed with survival essentials. Different models contain mostly the same
items and they tend to revolve around a central theme which includes: A multi
tool, compass, fire starter, water storage device, water purification pills,
thermal blanket, mirror, wire, fishing tools and wool cutting tools. It’s absolutely
amazing how many things they can pack into such a small container.

So unlike what most people would think, soldiers in military’s
across the world rely on survival kits to stay alive, not rubber bands and
twigs. It comes down to what you have at your disposal and how you know to use it,
which can really make a difference in that type of situation. Often times it
can even mean the difference between life and death.

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