Earthquake Preparedness Kits


Although we occasionally get forecasts of coming disasters, they often strike unexpectedly. This is the reason why you need a disaster supplies kit. Earthquake kits are essential for people living in areas that experience earthquakes often. During such a disaster, you can easily end up alone and far from humanity. You will therefore require emergency supplies of food, water and other essentials to last you for a few days; just in case relief workers take time to finally help you out.
Usually, this kit has enough supplies to last you up to at least three days. Besides food and water, electricity, telephones and sanitary services will all probably be out of your reach after an earthquake and should therefore be catered for in your earthquake preparedness kit.

A good kit should basically contain:

Earthquake Preparedness Kits•Non-perishable food and purified water that can last for at least 72 hours

•A form of personal identification such as family pictures

•First aid kit

•A flashlight with extra batteries

•Towels, plastic bags and garbage bags to maintain your sanitation needs

•A high pitch sound device such as a whistle to signal for help

•A hand crank radio that is powered by batteries
Additionally, it may be necessary to have a travelers map for you to trace your way in case you get lost. A cell phone would work as a good replacement for this although you will may need to have a solar charger with you. Google maps are usually simpler to follow as they can trace your exact location.
Earth quake kits are designed for different purposes and settings. You can have an earthquake survival kit for your home, car, pet or even an institution such as a school. These are basically modifications of a personal survival kit; simply adjusted according to the numbers and setting. For instance, in a home, you will need enough supplies for the whole family.

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