Earthquake Kits for Home

What to Have in your Earthquake Kits for Home.

There is no telling when
disaster will strike and that is why it is of utmost importance for one to make
sure that they have the right tools and equipment at arm’s length so that they
can just grab it when the time comes calling. Putting all these things together
might cost you quite some time but it can prove to be the lifeline that you are
going to have once disaster strikes. This is what is referred to as an
earthquake kit. You don’t necessarily have to buy one but you can put together
one of your own. Regardless of whether you decide to get one or buy one, there
are a number of things that should not miss.

Earthquake Kits for HomeYou should ensure that the
first items on your earthquake kits are non-perishable and canned foods and
also a gallon of water for each person under your care per day. These will keep
you alive and healthy as the disaster passes on. also have a first aid kit and
a hand book, rain gear and some changing clothes and some strong and sturdy
shoes, sleeping bags and if possible a couple of extra blankets should also be
included, essential medication, a fire extinguisher, heavy duty aluminum foil,
paper towels, candles and light stick and you should also have matches stored
in a waterproof container.

It is important to note
that these are not the only things that constitute the kits but are among the
most important that would support basic survival. Other things like a
flashlight and portable radio, extra pair of eye glasses, manual can opener,
papers and pens, entertainment packs, extra sets of car keys for the house and
car brooms and nails as well as a small tools box should also be included if
you have the time and the space. Remember that you will also need to factor in
some of the other members of the family with special needs like the babies,
members with disability and pets while putting together your kit to make sure
they are well catered for.

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