Earthquake Kit Checklist

Earthquake Kit Checklist

In addition to causing massive destruction and injuries to most people, earthquakes also cause chaos, disrupting the normal way of life and hindering access to vital supplies like food and medicine among others. As such, it is always advisable to have earthquake kits ready to facilitate survival and even some level of comfort during such chaotic times.
Some of the necessary items to incorporate into your kit should include:

Earthquake Kit Checklist• Medical first aid kit – this will come in handy in treating wounds and other bodily injuries that may arise because of the earthquake. Include alcohol swabs and anti-biotic ointment for cleaning and disinfecting wounds, bandages and cotton for dressing large wound openings and pain killers. Scissors and tweezers, thermometer, disinfectant soaps and enough supplies of medical prescriptions should also be included.

• Handy tools – these may include a hammer, wrench, ax, rope, pocket knife, shovel and pliers. They go a long way in getting rid of many obstacles like blocked pathways. Also, make sure to include a flashlight complete with battery and bulb replacements for easy navigation in dark places and to send signals to other survivors.

• Food and water supplies – pack sufficient bottled water, canned food, nutritional supplements and high-energy-content foods to last you and your family a minimum of three days.

• Personal safety gear – your personal gear also makes navigating around all the destruction safe and quick, while also inducing some level of comfort. Here, include protective clothing like heavy jackets, gloves, protective headgear, protective glasses and impenetrable shoes, tent and sleeping bags/blankets.

• Information – it is very important to keep up-to-date with the happenings around you during such calamities. As such, include a portable radio together with batteries and other portable power sources to help coordinate with the community at large. Also, include a 2-way radio for direct communication with family and/or friends.

• Entertainment – while this may not seem necessary in such a situation, it helps calm both kids and adults caught up in the chaos, facilitating peace of mind and optimism.

Conclusion These are just some of the basic items that should feature in every earthquake emergency kit. You can go further to include any other supplies that may be necessary for you and your family, but avoid carrying excessively bulky and heavy supplies for easy and quick navigation amid the destruction.

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