Disaster supplies

It is the fear of the unknown that can create panic in case of a disaster. But if you are prepared for the situation, then the greatest of dangers can be averted because you are geared up to fight for your chance of survival. Having adequate supplies can help you face the situation with more confidence and assurance. It not only increases the chances of your survival, but also gives you the power to help others in need.

The big question is what all to add to the disaster supplies. Food and water storage will figure high on the list. Energy bars can be a real comfort in case of shortage of food supplies. Canned meats and veggies can provide nutrition as well as the much needed sustenance at a time like this. This should be replaced on a periodic basis before the expiration dates of food items and bottled water.

Disaster suppliesSheltering options like fold-up tents and communication equipment (like a two way radio), flashlights, emergency blankets definitely need to be a part of your supplies. Be prepared for a total power failure as well and it might need you to return to the basics, so candles and water proof matchsticks would be a great idea. Also, cash instead of cards should be kept handy in the kit as the ATM’s might shut down due to a blackout.

Copies of legal documents and identification would help your family get through any borders in case of transit. Medication and a loaded first aid kit is an absolute must. Needs of every one should be taken care of in the first aid kit, especially children and elderly. Common toiletries like soap can be added according to the space in the box or bag where you are storing your supplies. A small tool box with handy equipment like scissors, pocket knives, pen, and notepad will be also come handy for dealing with sudden announcements and information collection.

A change of clothes and emergency blankets should be added to the disaster supplies as there might be a great need to keep warm. The importance of storing these supplies safely yet in a way that they can be reached by even the youngest member of the family cannot be emphasized enough. Also, they need to be kept in a safe room where even the disaster cannot reach it. It should be the innermost room of the house. Other personal items according to the needs of individual family members can be added.