Survival Kits

A Short Guide in Making Survival Kits

Survival kitWhether you are going for some dangerous activities or would like to be safe in the house for any kinds of calamities and disasters, there is a big chance for you to become interested in making your own Survival Kits. Well, you would not surely want to face a lot of problems and would like to survive on the possible things that could happen to you so as early as now, it would be the best for you to be guided on the different things you have to do in making your own kits that could help you prepared and ready.

Choose the Right Survival Bag

The first thing you have to do is you need to find and look for a specific bag or place that you can make use as the storage of the different things you will purchase and would serve as your Survival Kits. When you are choosing the right bag for you, make sure to consider the following things below:

  • It should have a lot of pockets that could help you in storing more of the items you will need
  • It should be big enough to accommodate all the materials and things you need to have in surviving for whatever purpose you have.
  • It should be made of materials that could not easily get wet or burned as that could help you to be assured that the things you will have is still useful under different circumstances.


Prepare Your Survival List

Next, it is now the right time for you to prepare the list of the different things you need to have and put in the bag that you have chosen. There could be a lot that needs to be included in these Survival Kits, but it would be ideal for you to get started on the most important things. This may include the following things below:

  • Water bottles
  • Matches
  • Bandages
  • Few Canned Foods and Openers
  • Small Pots
  • Radios
  • Whistles
  • Knife

Those things would be able to help you in making a day without the help of other people, but that would not just complete the Survival Kits that you may need. There are more possible things that you would like to have in order to become successful with your goal. Those are the following below:

  • Extra blankets
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight
  • Pen and Notebook
  • Nylon Cords
  • More water
  • Extra Clothes
  • Mobile Phones

Packing Your Survival Gear 

Now, it is the most challenging part in making Survival Kits as you need to pack them really tight and you have to make sure that all the items you need would stay inside of it and will not be damaged. To have a better idea on the things you can do, you may want to check the following tips below:

  • Put all the necessary and important things in your survival kits before anything else.

Pack them accordingly and make sure that all of it is secured and safe inside. 

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