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Get Your Own Zombie Survival Gear

Zombie Survial GearWe have watched so many zombie movies and the television series “The Walking Dead” is still very popular. But have you ever think about what if those things would actually happen in our time? It is really a horrifying experience to see dead people walking in front of you and much more eating people alive, flesh being torn bits by bits. The image you can see is disgusting right but what if it could be true?

It is not highly impossible to happen in this era because there are so many parasites, germs and organisms which even science cannot explain and are not yet to discover by them. When this particular epidemic occurs, it is best that you are ready to fight them for your own survival as well as your family and people you cared for. It is a high time that you should provide your own zombie survival gear.

A must have protection against the undead

There are many considerations as to what it will includes, more importantly are the numbers of your family members so that each one of you have the same protection and will not solely depend on other members. Although of course younger ones cannot protect themselves as stronger than the adults but still they must have something to use to depend themselves just in case. Your zombie survival gear should include the following:

  • Lighter – or something to produce fire, it is a necessity that you have it not just for the lights but for cooking and to warm you up just in case you are on the road to spend the night for.
  • Flashlight – of course for lights especially when you are fleeing and walking through the woods or darkest areas of the county to avoid the pursuing zombies.
  • Backpack – it is something to contain everything that you need zombie survival gear, food supplies and everything which is necessary for life preservation. It should be strong to hold everything.
  • Weapons – knifes, axe, rifle, guns and anything which you can use to disable the zombies from attacking you
  • First Aid kit – this should include medicines for fever, gauze, cottons, alcohol and other necessary paraphernalia to treat wounds and basic illness that you may encounter while fleeing.
  • Zombie Survival Gear InfographicFood supplies – as much as possible you should bring ready to eat foods and clean water that will be enough to everyone and if possible will last up to three days or more before you could reach the area where you can refill all your basic needs.
  • Map – this is necessary, it is a must that you know where you are going. Getting lost should be less of your concern because there are so many undead people whom you might be encountered along the way. Getting a good map is really helpful.

These are some zombie survival gear that you must have in order to protect yourselves to being eaten by the infected corpses or worse you are going to end up as one of them. Nothing is bad as not being prepared. When things get worse it is better that you have already set up your escape plan and your survival gear just ready to be picked up when the unexpected things arise.

It is only a matter of time that we might get to face that fate; the prepared ones are the ones who have the higher chance of survival.


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