Survival Weapons


Besides Survival Weapons and basic sustenance factors, we ought to be dressed for the go. Based on the recent survey conducted by the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), factors like food and shelter are always the eternal factors required by any living organisms to survive.

Survival WeaponsAnother very interesting observation among living organisms’ individual attitude towards survival is the psychological memoir of Dr. Jane Goodall. The memoir narrates bit by bit her honest observations of the Chimpanzees in West Africa.  The controversial results from her study were no not later brought in the Scientific Courts. Primarily, the bulk of her memoir reveals the common attitude among living organisms (humans included) on surviving and sustaining.

Nevertheless, the results lead that even humans could have the closest tendencies of protecting pacts and protecting the self from external threats. The possibility is so much so that the surviving specie may have to kill any other living specie if the need arises.

Perhaps unconventional truth can lend its light in our not so distant future so that after all, food and shelter are never sufficient. Thus, there must have been another equally serious factor for survival that the FEMA has failed to consider in their suppositions. Soon, it will be less grave to utter that there is a higher determining factor for survival. The particular factor, in the direst sense, determines the stronger specie from the weaker one. Hence, that factor must be the physical capacity for self-defense.

Now, back to the debilitating futuristic reality of a nearing chaos and regression in the future, it would be practical if you own Survival Weapons. These weapons can be merely protectors.

The Survival Weapons will nevertheless act as shield for the surviving species. Like the Crocodiles thick skin, the Skunk’s foul power, the Porcupine’s scream injectors; you also need to purchase practical weapons for protection. Hence, with the worst case scenario in the e post-apocalyptic calamity strike, you still make your way to the light. As they say, we humans may not be as fully capacitated as the animals, but our greatest weapons for survival are summed up by our knowledge.


For the general information of the readers, here are the common examples of Survival Weapons:

  • Survival knivesSurvival Weapon Picture
  • Thick Blankets
  • Fire-resisting coats
  • Discrete Silver Watch with Tear Gas
  • Ropes
  • Safety Matches
  • Flashlights
  • Heat Conductors
  • Basic Night Vision Camera


The All-Dangerous World

The world out there is highly dangerous; full of unknown threats, calamities, wild animals and most especially are bad guys.  Consequently, the bad guys are the most difficult to dealt with. When we are talking about surviving in the outside world, it’s all too good to be true.

In the long run, we can, at least, contain some instability in the world. More or less, despite the apathy the world has for humans, it is therefore a positive starter for a convention of brains. Very much likely, these brains must have all together elicited the genius behind every Survival Weapon. We may not feel the pangs of distress yet, but when the time comes, it will already be too late to take the steps thereof.


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