Survival Bracelet

Secure Your Life with Fashion: Purchase the Survival Bracelet

Are you looking for the most discrete survival weapon that is highly at par with your fashion gusto?

Introducing the Survival Bracelet! This one of a kind bracelet has a dainty appearance with no hints of being an entirely survival gear. Guess why such small bracelet can make the biggest change in your lifestyle? It is not the bracelet per se but the hidden weapon within.

survival braceletThe bracelet contains a clumped 8 feet parachute chord inside its nylon cylinder.  A lot of sports jocks and wilderness adventurers ensure the survival bracelet clutched unto their wrists. Presumably, should anyone would fall into a pit and realizes that there are more bottomless pits underneath; the bracelet is a sure guardian angel.

The parachute chord that was originally used by paratroopers in their late World War II adventures was discovered to be of many uses. Thus, the chord does not only suspend parachute sheaths, it could also hold heavy objects on suspension. By the looks of it, the fundamental physics of the not so thick parachute chord can ultimately save lives. Not a few daredevils from mountain climbing and cave spelunking claim that their lives have been saved many times by the parachute chord. The parachute is primarily a very durable chord made of hard nylon, plastic and rubber. In addition to that, with the cunning technology of the survival bracelet, mortality rates during extreme adventures can be least expected.

The survival bracelet is indeed a wholesome accessory.

Not only does it save lives, it also saves loves. Your fashion loves are definitely in for a trendy ride, so much so that the bracelet look is so discrete. But the most notable of this Survival Knife yet is the varied color types of the parachute chords. And, if you are thinking of customizing the colors of the chords to red, blue, orange, yellow or any other colors, just check out the do-it-yourself videos in YouTube. What else are you looking for among Survival Bracelets?

Survival Bracelet pictureSuppose you have had enough of the common bracelet item, put in some threads and needles and start making your own chord, bracelet, lanyard and belt. The best thing about the belt is that it is very easy to roll and put in without making you appear eccentric. You can roll in a few feet of parachute chords handy in your body, lest in the waist. This can be very useful in case of untoward accidents. In wearing the chord as belt, make sure you put color contacts to extend fashion. Nevertheless, the technical placement of the item makes it further capable of holding at least three feet of chord per inch of the belt.

The truth about the parachute is that it can be designed in many ways on your liking.

No, you wouldn’t have to spend a dime in improvising the item. Notwithstanding the parachute chord or the ready-made Survival Bracelet, you may have to spend a little. But all costs are highly compensated with the bracelet and the multi-functional parachute chord.


Watch this video on How to Make a Survival Bracelet