Best Survival Knife

The Hallmarks of the Best Survival Knife and its Types

A human being by nature is created in order to survive that when situated in a wilderness environment comprising ferocious animals and unexpected events, he has no choice but to use his survival instincts.  And he can proficiently do this through the use of gears such as the best survival knife.

Best Survival knifeA survival knife is the primary tool which you can use if you happen to wander off into the backwoods or perhaps associated with various other outdoors environment and activities. In cases where you happen to be lost into the wilderness the appropriate cutting knife may be able to really become a life saver that will help you create shelter, spark up a fire, hunt for food, prepare foods, dig down, and remove plants and clear trails, and a whole lot more. At the very least, your emergency survival edge tool at your side or anywhere with you.

Benchmark for Selecting the Best Survival Blade

Reduce the possibility of damaging or sacrificing your own key emergency survival tool simply by searching for the best knife that is certainly much better designed for hammering, chopping, thrusting, slicing, and also extreme cutting.

In most cases, a full-tang and fixed knife will most likely be a lot more reliable much less very likely to break when compared to a folded up knife or even a knife with a partial tang. Full tang knife refers to a knife wherein the steel blade runs in full length until to the tip of the handle. Full-tang blade is capable of handling great pressure level or application without having any chance of damage and breakage.

Survival KnifeTypes of Survival Knives

There are two versions of knives to choose from:

  • Foldable knives

These are the common favorites of many primarily because of its small size and convenience to carry around; its well-known types are the pocket knives and lock-back folding.  Due to its physical features, they are considered feeble and easily broken.

  • Fixed bladed knives

These are usually designed with rough and uneven edges with thick and heavy materials meant for tougher situations.  A type of this is the full tang whereby the blade reaches the handle of the knife and another type is the bowie knife that is ideal for hunting.  Given its characteristics, it is imperative to handle and store it properly.


Where to Get a good knife

A survival knife is considered as a universal tool designed and created with versatile functions and to be used during emergency conditions.  This reason makes it just plausible that the best survival knife can be easily found on the World Wide Web.

When looking for a survival blade, an individual should always consider the purpose and where it will primarily be used that is as a tool where one’s life depends on.  Another is the type of steel used as the main material for this determines the lifespan and durability of a knife; it has to be strong and sharp as well.  Carbon and stainless steels are the popular ones that provide the best quality that any person is looking for.

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