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Top Must Have Survival Tools

Do you consider yourself as an outdoor person? Or you simply want to be prepared when zombies would roam the Earth? If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions then you need to make sure that you equip yourself with the right set of Survival Tools. There are now many variations and types of survival gears that can either be best for the wilderness or when you find yourself stuck in a deserted island. There are also a few survival kits that are designed for all scenarios which can be a great gift idea for your friend or loved one who has that constant fear of the Apocalypse or to anyone who simply wants to have their own equipment.

Survival ToolsMany companies who are in the same niche are offering the top survival kits or packages but most of them are just a smorgasbord of different tools that do not necessarily provide a whole lot of convenience or functionality. The good news is anyone can actually come up their own set of Survival Tools just with the use of common items. Here are some of the great tips that can help you become the next Rambo or McGyver:

  • Knife

A knife is probably one of the most useful and needed Tools. A good sharp knife can help you cut a rope, slice your food and protect you from predators. A knife can be used in making a fire or shelter and as well as many uses that you can just figure out a long the way. So if you are thinking of putting up your own survival kit then you need to get yourself a really sharp and durable knife.

  • Flashlight

Use a flashlight that is meant to last for a long time. Or you can also use anything that can be a good source of light. If you are going to use the traditional or basic flashlight then you need to make sure that you have a lifetime supply of batteries. Fortunately though, there are now plenty of flashlights that do not make use of a battery but instead gets its power from the sun. These solar powered flashlights are really great and cost effective too.Survival Tools Photo

  • Waterproof matchsticks

If you are not a Boy Scout then you may not likely be able to create fire without the use of matchsticks. Add several boxes of matchsticks as one of your must haves Survival Tools. It would be quite impossible for anyone to actually survive in the freezing cold of the night without fire so best to save boxes and boxes of matchsticks on your survival kit.

  • Water purification tablets or packages

It is impossible for a human being to survive several days without water. In the midst of chaos or if you find yourself stuck in the middle of the jungle with no potable water then you may still be able to survive and not die from thirst with the use of water purifiers or iodine tablets. Make sure to add these items on your survival package and you will then be good to go. 


Survival Tools Kit Essentials

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