MRE Meals

MRE Meals: Must Have Survival Tool

MRE which stands for Meal, Ready to Eat was originally created as a US Military ration. MRE Meals or more popularly known as MRE are used by the US Military as food ration for those who are in the combat field or other field conditions wherein organized food outlets are not available. Because of its popularity and functionality, these meals have become more popular even among the civilians. In fact, many private individuals are storing MRE in case of any emergency disaster situations.

Mre MealsA soldier who is used to eating MRE would not have a hard time in consuming and preparing this kind of meal. But this particular meal can actually pose a few challenges to the private individual or citizen. An MRE meal package is designed to be a one complete meal for one person. The package may look like a typical bag of chips or microwaveable popcorn and make sure that you do not rip open the side of the package since it may just damage the MRE set. One of the cool features of any MRE package is that the bag can be used to properly dispose the package.

A typical MRE package would comprise of an entrée or main dish, appetizer or side dish, crackers or bread with spread and as well as dessert. MRE Meals are indeed designed to provide nourishment and satisfy any hunger pains even in the most challenging circumstances. The MRE package also comes with utensils such as a spoon and a drink mix is also added to quench the thirst after a great meal. A MRE package also contains a FRH or flameless ration heater which is water activated. Other items that are included in the package are seasonings, chewing gum, water resistant matches and as well as toilet paper.

MRE FoodWhat to do with your MRE?

The first step that you need to do after opening the package is to identify and separate all the items. Look for the main dish and the FRH first and then open the small flat box which contains the main dish. The main entrée is inside a seleable pouch and remember to save the box and then open the top edge part of the FRH box. On the top edge of the FRH is the heating component so make sure not to touch this part. Read the instructions carefully and fill the FRH bag with the right amount of water as indicated in the box.

Slide the package of the main entrée slowly into the FRH and make sure that the top is unopened. The bag will start to produce steam after putting in the water so you can then put the package back to the box to prevent burning. Most Meals would take up to 10 minutes for the meal to be fully heated so make sure that you have your timer ready. You can also heat up the side dish using the same manner.

MRE Meals are probably one of the most convenient and healthiest meals since the package contains all the right elements that can satisfy any hunger. 


MRE Tutorial Video 

Check out this video to learn How to eat an MRE