Long Term Food Storage

Food Ideas for Long Term Food Storage

Natural disasters can happen anytime on any day and the best thing to do is to make sure that you are prepared for it when it happens; at least, for you to survive. Depending on the degree of the damage caused by a calamity, it could take days for some to get fixed. Therefore, you have to make sure that you keep and emergency kit that can accommodate long term food storage.

Long Term Food StorageYour emergency kit could be as small as a knapsack or as big as your own pantry.  The most important thing that you have to remember is on how can you store foods in their without it being spoiled.  Therefore, look for foods that are contained in vacuumed containers, tin cans, or packets to ensure long term food storage. So how long is the long term food storage?

Long term food storage can start as early as 6 months and as long as 2 years.  Therefore, you have to make sure that you always make an inventory of the food that you store so that you can see if they are still good to be consumed or should be replaced. It is highly suggested for you to check your kits every three months.

What type of food should be stored in your kit or pantry?

If you are preparing for an emergency, you should anticipate that cooking should be simple and should be made easier. To do so, pack foods that could be easily cooked or eaten instantly. You can pack crackers, cereal, dried fruits, powdered milk, canned soups, fruit juices, and vegetables.  You can also include peanut butter since they are great source of healthy fats and protein to keep you strong. You can also pack coffee or cocoa.  Have a good pack of pasta, corn, and rice. These foods are easy to prepare and eat, and can surely provide you great source of nutrients that your body will need.

If in cases that you have kids, make sure that you also get packs of their favorite meals. If you have a family member that requires a special diet, make sure that you would have alternative food that could be kept in storage that will not easily perish.

Food StorageLong term food storage would require a good space

You do not need to build a separate space for it. However, you should allot a space in your house for this storage.  You should also consider that this storage can be easily accessed. 

If you search the web, there are helpful tips about how you prepare long term food storage. Your storage will still depend on the type of people that you are with. The most important thing is that you keep in mind what should be stored and how you keep them safe, especially those that are stored in tin cans.

Remember that during calamities, food, lights and batteries, and some cooking equipment should also be prepared and should be stored too. Make sure you keep them close to where you keep your food. 



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