Emergency Food

Best Emergency Food in Your Calamity Kit

Emergencies are conditions that you are taken by surprise, and most often than not, you have never prepared for it. There are different types of emergencies. The most common once are: financial and natural calamity. Financial emergencies can be handled when you save or you spend your money wisely. However, natural calamities like, earthquakes, typhoon, volcanic eruption, and the like, are those that would require you to have emergency food.  

Emergency RationsNatural calamities cause damages. Sometimes, damages can be so big that it will take days before some areas get proper food, electricity, or water supply and are fixed. That is the reason why you should get a calamity kit ready that is filled with lots of good Ration packs. You do not need to experience a disaster before you would have one.

At this point, you might have a lot of things that you want to pack to prepare for any calamity. However, we have to consider that during disasters, during panic, you can only grab a handful of things and to make sure that you would have the right things to grab – calamity kit. So, what do you have to pack in your kit?

Medicines, Vitamins, and First Aid Kit

If you have kids or someone in the family that required medicines for maintenance, you need to make sure you prioritize those. Next, make sure you have medicines for fever, diarrhea, and cough. You want to make sure to that you have antibiotics and some pain killers. Along with these medicines bring your first aid kit, and pack lots of multi vitamins. You all will need them.

Emergency Food

You need to have food that could be easily stored and prepared but still nutritious. Examples of this emergency food are:

  • Peanut butter.  Great source of healthy fats and protein.Emergency food
  • Whole wheat crackers. They have longer shelf life compared to bread and could still make healthy and tasty sandwich.
  • Nuts.  It is an energy food so make sure you have them included.
  • Cereal. Preferably multigrain since its healthier.
  • Granola bars. These bars are great to keep in your bag even without a disaster, these are smaller than meals, but they can keep you full and they are packed with vitamins.
  • Dried Fruits. These are great source of protein and are healthier snacks.
  • Canned meat. Tuna, chicken, turkey, or salmon.  Just like the dried fruits, they are good source of protein.
  • Canned vegetables. You have to make sure that even in disasters you have to have a balance meal, to stay healthy.
  • Bottled Water.  If your water supply is one of the affected parts of your area, you might want to make sure you have a few of these packed to sustain your water supply.
  • Powdered Milk. Milk is good still a good source of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Sugar, Salt, and Pepper. These are the basics if you will be cooking.

Portable Stove, Camping Casseroles, Lights, and batteries

Portable stoves do not only come in handy when camping. They could be one of the best things to have for your calamity kit. It still allows you to cook a portion of your stocked food.

If you want to prepare a calamity kit, make sure that you store emergency food that is at least good for six months and try to check them and change them, if necessary. 


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