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The Importance and Logic of Having Survival Supplies

Survival SuppliesEmergencies are very dangerous. This is because they will always carry the element of surprise with them. There are a lot of emergencies that can happen in a day and most of them can cost lives and properties. The fact that we cannot avoid these things should prompt us to do something, or we are going to end up sorry. It is true that it is the government’s job to take care of us during these dire situations, but we also have to have our own ways of protecting our families, and ourselves especially if the authorities are not there when you need them the most.

This is when Survival Supplies and survival skills come in. These things are the ones that will help us survive, if not assure its possibility. These supplies should always come in handy in case of emergency. We might not see their importance now, and they may even seem like a waste of time and money, but we always have to be sure. This is because these Survival Supplies are the only thing we can ever have when the time comes that panic ensues and you find yourself trapped.

11 Essential Servival Supplies


Here is a list and a bit of explanation of each thing that you should have in your house all the time. You also have to make sure that they can easily be accessed during emergencies like calamities.

1.Water will always be in the top list of Survival Supplies. This is because this is the first one that goes out in large scale calamities. We would need water in order to survive. You can survive without food for how many days, but you will never last that long without water. On top of that, this can serve as a food substitute during emergencies and there is no food around. You should have at least a 7 day supply of water not just for you but for the whole family. Do not use this survival supply for any other reason aside from drinking.


2.Food will also be important. These foods should support the family’s needs. This will prevent anyone from dying because of hunger. You have to make sure that these survival supplies are not perishable. You also have to make sure that they are easy to prepare. If you can find no cook foods, then it would better.


3.Flashlight –this supply is also very important. This will allow you to travel short distances during the night, especially if you would have to get something for the family. You have to make sure that you would have an extra pack of batteries. Do not rely on your chargers because there will be no power during those times. Do not leave the battery inside the flashlight when it is not in use to avoid chemical leaks.


Survival Supplies List4.Radio – a radio is on

e of the things in a Survival Supplies list that will save your life. During these dire times, communication is very important, especially in the transfer of reliable information and news. We have cell phones nowadays and this might actually work. The only downside is the fact that these ones do not have a very reliable battery pack. This is because of the fact that cell phones will have to support other things aside from the radio, so a plain old radio will always be handy. It will also be very beneficial if you have more extra batteries.

5.First Aid Kit – when it comes to Survival Supplies, a first aid kit will always be a constant. This is because of the fact that medical authorities might not be there during the emergency so you have to do something before an injury gets worse. This Survival Supplies should have medicine for several different ailments. You should also prioritize those ones who have special needs like those family members who have other ailments.


6.Sanitation Items –there will surely be a shortage of water during these calamities so you should have other ways in cleaning yourself and the things that you would need. These include alcohol and sanitary napkins.


7.Documents – this is very important. These are the things that you should never lose because this will allow you to protect your property once the calamity is over. These documents might not be in line with the usual Survival Supplies lists, but it will come in handy after the situation. You should keep birth certificates, titles, property certificates, insurance papers, and other things that involve all your properties including businesses.


Survival Supplies List8.Cash – banks and other financial institutions are probably closed during these times, including ATM tellers so cash would still be necessary, especially if you would need to buy something from a local store.


9.Entertainment Tools – this may not really help in the actual survival game, but this is still one of the Survival Supplies because this will keep you entertained and drive you away from depression, especially in the worst-case scenarios.


10.Clothes –this should always be with you, especially if you ever get wet from the rain or storm. This can also keep you warm if ever you would not have any blankets to keep you warm.


11.Whistle – if you are ever lost or stuck in some situation and you need someone to find you, like the rescue team. A whistle would be the best tool to get their attention. Unbelievably, a whistle has saved many lives in many different situations, including earthquakes and storms; this even saved many people during bad situations in the sea.

There are a lot more supplies that can be used during these times. You just have to know your priorities in order to find out which would give you the most benefit during emergencies. The only thing you can do is to be prepared since you cannot ask anyone for help if you are seconds away from a more serious situation. You should also learn about survival skills aside from having the Survival Supplies. This will give you greater chances of coming out of the situation alive and intact. Remember that it never hurts to be prepared for such situations because as long as you know that you are safe in some way, you will be able to think clearly about the next thing that you are supposed to do.


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